Thursday, February 5, 2009

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."

 I finally confronted myself about the blog neglect.  I have less time than ever, and that is why I've decided to stay at it. I haven't seen my people in ages and as some of you well know, I'm not the best about picking up the phone. Maybe you'll stop over and read my blog before you 
assume I've fallen off the face of the Earth... and hopefully you'll see that I've just been super busy and productive and that I miss you terribly. 

School and mommyhood consume most of my time lately. I'm feeling good about both. In true Cammi style, I've quickly become teacher's pet in all of my classes. I've been spending much more quality time with the boys even though I have less. It's funny how that works. Today I volunteered to participate in two assemblies honoring Black History Month, scheduled two dentist appointments for the boys, did a load of laundry, swept, was selected to participate with some peers in a museum tour and discussion in the cultural district, did some puzzles, piggy back rides, and reconstruction of one Mr. Potatohead. Now I'm off to clean this mess of a house and read about one million pages on the American society in the industrial age. That is why you get no pretty blog picture. I'll try and work that into my schedule next time. Until next time -Cambodia (chodie if you're nasty) Dale Ratheath