Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blog launch

I used to not be able to think of enough reasons to start a blog. Now, I can't think of enough reasons not to. In fact, it even got written on my to-do list which is reserved for my especially pressing responsibilities. The "why-not?"s outweighed the "why?"s.
  • I habitually write in a journal anyway, and it gets snatched out of my grasp every few seconds by one of my little monkey babies.
  • I best collect my thoughts and ideas through writing (versus trying to hear myself think over monkey squeals) and I've decided that I need more accountability to encourage me to follow through.
  • I now have an Etsy shop called FlyMail that I will be sharing with Priya and Valerie, that I need to shamelessly promote, of course.
  • I've come to realize that my lovely friend Valerie, who claims she's not the type to pressure people into doing things that they don't want to do, would feel a lot better if she no longer had to pressure me into doing something I don't want to do. And I think she might know...
  • ... that I've secretly wanted to start a blog, but was feeling a little shy about it. I actually used to type journal entries into "notepad" just to erase them when I was done. That seems a little crazy doesn't it? No more confessions today.
  • AND last but not least, I needed a place to post a sorta'-tutorial for the costumes that I made for the Fall '08 issue of Small Magazine., which I will do in a separate blog entry to keep it simple.

So, you see? I belong here! Hopefully this will be interesting for all of us. I vow to try and:
  • post pictures of kittens.
  • not advertise FlyMail at the expense of your attention. (click there to be promptly directed away from my blog)
  • not type all blog entries in webdings as tempting as it may be.
  • share some delicious vegan recipes.
  • share tutorials for things I made or that others made.
  • share music and videos that I love.
  • not post ridiculously long blogs such as this one.
The End?


valerie said...

yes, i agree, you're meant to have a blog! you do and create too many beautiful things not to share...

i promise i'll get my flymail homework done over the weekend. thank you for the photo tutorial. i'm so glad i'm taking that intro to computer graphics class. maybe i'll learn a little bit more about making photos pretty.

Curtis said...

Awesome! Another place to waste my time while I should be doing homework. Thanks.