Sunday, February 8, 2009

Study Break!

My brain is nearly fried from reading redundant, over-explanatory text book units. On that account, I've opted to give my mind the treat of some indulgent blogging by showing off  some pictures of a few old and new handmade things in my office/craft room. (You didn't think I was actually going to get up?)

For all of those bloggers who've  welcomed my loitering and fed my imagination, it's high time I see dead people, I mean, pay it forward. 

the pincushion

One such example of my parasitic blog habit is this mason jar pin cushion. 

They're all over the internet and why not? It's easy, cute, fast, and totally practical. To be specific, Liz inspired this project. She is quite a busy little bee, and sweet as pie. Love her. 
That pretty and very professional backdrop is actually some vintage fabric I bought last weekend at an estate sale for a buck and a half! I'm so in love and can't cut into it. It shall remain my designated professional backdrop forever. 

the pencil bag

For keeping all my school tools together, I made this pencil bag.

Previously they'd been aimlessly floating about, falling out of my bag each time I unzipped it and making me a madwoman.
It just makes me happy. After all, it was my first zipper project and it is plaid. Check out my rubber pencil! Sike. It's magic.

the screen print

I've also been dabbling in screen printing. This image was designed for matching aprons, a gift for my best friend and her daughter.

Unfortunately, I let paint dry on the screen before I got to the project it was meant for.

Anyway, it was totally satisfying and I'm completely obsessed. 

the sewing machine cover

This is my beautiful sewing machine cover made by Valerie.

She makes the most thoughtful gifts. I adore her and her artistic talent.

the night mask

Up next, my home remedy for shut eye issues.  Apparently in my old age, my eyelids are thinning or light is becoming more intrusive. 
I'm not exactly happy with the way this turned out but I admit I rushed through it while the boys were napping. It's pretty tight and as you might see, I was too lazy to change my green bobbin thread to black when I quilted the top.  

I dropped in some lavender buds doused in lavender and eucalyptus oil before I sewed it up. The first morning I woke up with it I was already so sick of the smell. The manly man however, loves it and wears the cute little heart mask at nap time. He tickles me pink.  

the red birdy

And the best for last...

My Papa made this wooden bird clip decades ago to hold his bills. Both he and my Granny were creative and crafty. Remnants of their past sit in my house, reminding me of them and where I come from. Any time I pick up my crocheting needles I imagine that I am looking down at Granny's hands. It feels so good to have a part of them always with me.
Before I tear up, I should get back to the books. Have a beautiful week.


valerie said...

what an awesome surprise... a post from you! and coincidentally, i just finished posting about the hand-made gifts i got for christmas. my pompom gloves are my first picture. i didn't link to your name, because i thought i'd never see a post from you again. i better go back and change that. i love your pincushion, pencil case, eye mask, and screen print. and i'm really envious of your new trademark backdrop. that bird is really sweet. you should recreate those. i have more papers i meant to bring by tonight. i'll call tomorrow after work. oh, and my friend brooke is having a last minute valentine craft night around 7ish if you're interested. talk to you soon!

Liz said...

I love your mason jar pincushion! You have been hard at work! I have been wanting to do a little screen printing but it looks so intimidating so I have stayed away. Your shirt turned out fantastic! Oh, I loooove the fabric backdrop for your pincushion by the way. :-) I am glad you got to take a little study break, those are always nice so your brain does not malfunction. Ah, those days are all too familiar. That lavender eye mask will come in handy!

Marisa said...

Welcome to the world of screenprinting! I admire your go-getter spirit. What are you studying in school?

Auntie Ann said...

All of these are such darling ideas! I am obsessed with your sewing machine cover...such a cute idea!

Kaylen said...

Um - ALL of those things are amazing! Keep up the good work! I'm also totally bogged down by school, but once summer comes I am going to be a little crafty so-and-so.